You might be starting to worry about the major recession that is about to happen. Maybe you started to hold off on certain expenses. What if I told you investing in a franchise during a recession is the smartest thing you could do? There is no such thing as recession proof franchises, but there are some that come pretty close.

When looking for financial security during a recession, franchise ownership is the best opportunity that will come your way.

Refresh Franchising is recession-resistant in the home improvement industry and helps provide all the necessary training and support that comes with business ownership. Let’s look at what Color World helps franchise owners with.


Marketing and Support:

We understand that not everyone knows marketing. Powerful marketing takes teamwork, that’s why we help our franchise owners learn all the marketing knowledge they need to know to run their businesses. We will help provide content for your own personal social media pages. During your training, we teach you a map to success by sharing our strategies for growth and optimization.  We help with:

  • Local marketing program
  • Your own microwebsite
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Social media
  • National call center

And so much more!

Revenue Streams

Even with an economic downturn, people never stop completely spending money. We differentiate our streams of revenue in 5 ways to maximize our earning potential no matter what the economy is. We offer:

  • Residential and commercial
  • Refresh Painting
  • Refresh Janitorial
  • Refresh Refinishing
  • Refresh Carpet Cleaning


At every step, we are there with you. To learn more about how to invest with the best. Click here to learn more.