Efficiently running a home service business is a bit more challenging than you may realize. There’s much more to it than simply understanding how to paint a wall or clean some windows. To be successful in the space, our owners must become effective leaders. Building a strong dependable team and culture for their location. Taking care of your team and properly motivating them, leads to a wonderful customer service experience for the clients. After all, we don’t have a business if we don’t care for the customers! The owner’s main responsibility is the coordination of all company assets! Navigating the ship in the right direction to reach its destination, success island! 

We could probably write an entire book in this section to answer this question! Most notably though, Refresh’s team model, relationship managers, and centralized support are unlike anything you might find in most franchise models. Our support capabilities and assistance with prospecting new customers set us apart in the franchise world!  

Yes, of course! There are multiple ways for an owner to scale out their business with Refresh. One method would be to stack the different brands to your existing territory. Adding new service offerings and crews to your existing client base. 

The second option would be to expand geographically with a focus on a single brand and maximizing the brand strengths! You can open new territory and keep the focus on doing your Refresh Brands Service well. 

Both options have tremendous opportunities to grow your business. Deciding the best approach to scale will depend on your individual strengths and the resources at your disposal. Speak to one of our representatives to learn more about your business growth planning.   

This will depend on your state and local laws surrounding licensing and the brand you selected. We can help provide guidance on how to research the requirements but encourage you to check with your attorney to be sure you’re going to be in full compliance with local laws.

We can’t really answer this question for you, but we can help explain the difference between these options. There is no right or wrong answer here and, in our experience, this really boils down to your personality traits, goals, and professional experience. A franchise offers a proven system that can be plugged in and executed at a much faster rate, leading to a much quicker foundation for your business. People best suited for a franchise understand the value and time savings of having this system and the support it provides. They are willing to follow that system and follow the direction the model provides them. This is usually a better fit for people that want the freedom and independence of owning their own business but want to use a process rather than create the entire process from scratch. We are happy to review your professional goals with you to help you determine if this is the right fit for you. Just reach out and set up a call with us.  

Having experience in the services is always a wonderful advantage going in but by no means is it required. We have extensive training on the services and as the owner, your primary responsibility is running the business, not performing the services daily.

In addition to our Relationship Managers Refresh gives you all the tools needed to market your business and secure clients. As a business owner ultimately it is your responsibility to cultivate relationships in your local market and keep your job board full. Sales support is only a phone call away at Refresh. 

Several factors can affect this timeline but on average we expect a new franchisee to open their doors in about three months from the time they sign up. 


The total initial investment ranges based on many factors and the brand you select. A sample of the information within our UFDD can be found HERE. Please reach out to us so we can provide some calculation methods for you to use in your business planning.

Refresh does not currently offer any direct financing options. We are, however, listed with the SBA  and FRANdata to help streamline your lending needs and our representatives are trained to offer guidance on potential creative financing options that may be available to you.  

Franchise law restricts us from making any claims on earnings outside what is published within our Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD). Reach out to us to review our FDD and to receive some calculation methods you may use when calculating these numbers. 

Though this is not a requirement for all our brands, we do encourage most new owners to establish an office location prior to opening. If you are approved to use a home location to get your business started, it will need to meet some specific criteria set by us. Examples of these requirements include a dedicated office space in the home, an area to train staff, and an area to store supplies. 

The franchise fee for all our brands is $40,000 for your first brand or territory and $30,000 for each additional territory or brand. US Veterans qualify for 10% off the first franchise fee. 

All brands carry the same 8% royalty fee. This fee was set with great care to ensure our headquarters has the proper resources to both profit and support all our franchisees with centralized billing, collections, scheduling, and ongoing software development. 

Franchise territories are established using several complex factors such as population, housing units, multi-family units, income levels, and even geography (drive times). We award territory using a collection of zip codes for all brands. Ask your representative for a map of available territories in your area. 

Transitioning from military to civilian life can be challenging for many veterans. That’s why we offer 10% off the franchise fee for former US military members. 


Training is at the heart of supporting our franchisees. Once you sign up with Refresh, we immediately make your prerequisite courses available to you within our online training platform, Refresh university. 

Once you have completed these courses online, we invite you out for Phase One training, in person, at our headquarters in Akron Ohio. Over the 14 days, you spend training in Phase One, you submersed into the model and learn the critical aspects of running your business. This time is split between classroom lessons and hands-on real-world experiences.

When your location is ready to officially open its doors for business, our team comes to your location for Phase Two of your training process. We spend the entire first five days with you during your opening process. We work directly with you to ensure a smooth opening and support with any last-minute tweaks to your operations. 

Several factors can affect this timeline but on average we expect a new franchisee to open their doors in about three months from the time they sign up. 

Training is plentiful at Refresh!

  • ✓ We perform monthly field visits when your location is new and transition these visits to quarterly once your location has started to mature. 
  • ✓ Refresh University is your online resource to train yourself and your team 24/7/365
  • ✓ Support reps are just a phone call away when you get stuck.
  • ✓ We host an annual refresher training with all franchisees each year. 
  • ✓ Online seminars are ongoing as needed through Refresh University. 

The minimum required staffing is three technicians, and all locations must have an office administrator on staff. However, these requirements can range depending on our brand presence within the market. For example, if we already have a number of franchise owners operating non-competing brands, you may need additional staff to support customer demand for your brand in that market.

Refresh gives you all the tools needed to train your own staff from Refresh University to the in-person training where we give you hands-on experience so you can pass those skills on to your staff! We also offer support for you with additional training of your managers or group training for your technicians through our consulting services at a minimal fee.

Above & beyond support

A Relationship Manager focuses on creating leads for you! RM’s are hired and trained directly by Refresh Franchising to support the franchisees with multi-family prospecting and negotiations. These individuals are introduced to emerging markets to foster relationships with key decision-makers. On a grander scale, this network of Relationship Managers has a mission of adding National Accounts with the country’s largest management firms!

Our network of National Accounts is designed to generate reoccurring work for our franchisees. One of the major advantages of the multi-family space is reoccurring work without the high marketing expenses associated with single-service clientele. By adding National Account agreements to our network, we all win! 

Our Service Center, located in our headquarters, offers franchisees an enormous support tool and streamlines communications, as well as billing for the customers. This aspect of the model supports billing customers, submits collection notices on your behalf, centralizes scheduling requests, and coordinates multi-brand services on a shared project. It was designed to solve a huge inefficiency in the apartment make-ready and make it easier for your clients to order your services. 

Refresh offers a growing list of exclusive products used throughout our network. Our supplier program allows us to negotiate savings for the entire network and ensure uniformity across the brands. We have a growing list of vendors in this program and handle the vetting of these vendors and their products for you.


Our National Marketing Fee is 1% across all brands. This fund is used to market the entire family of brands. The contributions to this fund ensure brand recognition for all owners within the network. Examples of how these funds may be used include, national tradeshows, print & digital design services, commercial airtime, and similar marketing activities.

When you first start out, our marketing department will work with you to outline your marketing strategy, as well as your budget, using our unit-level marketing plan. Thereafter the department offers ongoing support with measuring your results and ensuring you are on the right track with your marketing. Or to simply answer a question if you get stuck. 

We provide a wide array of additional marketing support throughout the life of your business. We do things such as, manage the website hosting and provide you with a unique location page where you can feature content. Provide usable print and social content to our ever-growing content library. Help align you with vetted vendors as needed to streamline your marketing efforts. Ask your representative to speak with our marketing department to learn more!

We expect all franchisees to spend a minimum of 3% on local marketing but this can wildly range depending on the cliental focus of your business. For example, if you focus your efforts on the average homeowner (residential), you should expect to spend closer to 10%. 

Yes! Our marketing department has a growing library of ready-to-use print materials, ad copy, and digital content for all use cases. If you decide to let your creative side shine, you can always create your own and submit it for a quick review and to be added to the library!  


Finding the right team is crucial to your business! In today’s labor market, this can be one of the more challenging aspects of your business. In addition to the technology, we offer to distribute your job across the internet and streamline the entire hiring process. We also focus on training you on how to recruit and properly interview for these roles.

We find online platforms such as indeed work pretty well for most positions but our human resource platform distributes the job ad to all the big ones. 

The best technicians often come from good old word of mouth. The first can be a bit challenging to locate but if you take care of them and build a healthy culture, you can use them as a resource to spread the word. 

Yes, it’s important to establish policies around aspects like, time off, holidays, disciplinary actions, hours of operation, and so on. This document is different from the operations manual we provide for running your franchise business. Having this helps you with labor laws and clearly defines the company policies for your team. We will provide you with some resources to use when creating this living document for your business. 

The short answer is yes! The longer answer is this responsibility ultimately falls on you as the owner. We can provide the tools and support needed to scale your business but it’s up to you to follow the system and build a growing business so your team can thrive. 


"From the first phone call to salesman’s visit to quote, First class experience! Everyone cared about the project. Thought price was reasonable! Charlie the tech who did the job, obviously took pride in his work. Did not leave until he was satisfied. Attention to detail. Explained what he was doing in laymen’s terms. Clean, efficient and quick work. Bath tub looks AMAZING. Very glad I got this done. Highly, highly recommend this company! Random call off the internet on my part!!"