Starting Your Own

Essential Requirements for Getting Started

Franchise startups can be time-consuming and require a lot of planning ahead. One of the first steps in starting your REFRESH franchise business is to obtain all the necessary business permits from the state (and city if required). Depending on your location, this process could take anywhere from one to three months. Once that is complete, it’s time to start looking for an ideal office space or building. Factors such as truck parking (if needed) and proximity to customers and employees should be taken into consideration when selecting the right franchise location. Taking the extra time to research and find suitable options will go a long way in setting up a successful franchise business.


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As a REFRESH franchisee, you are now ready to complete the technological and marketing preparation phase of your business. It’s important that you ensure your technology is up-to-date so you can provide the highest quality service. REFRESH provides comprehensive support to help you confirm the technological equipment needs for your business so you can place service orders in a timely manner.

In addition, REFRESH encourages all of its franchisees to construct a robust marketing and business plan as this is essential for generating enough leads to reach your revenue goals. This should include creating financial projections for your first year of operation. REFRESH will be with you every step of the way to provide guidance and support in preparing these plans.  By investing time now into these preparations, REFRESH franchisees can set themselves up for a successful launch of their business. 

 Next, you will move on to the process of launching your REFRESH business.

marketing and budgeting plan
call center operations


Now that most of the preparation work is done, it’s time to focus on how to start and run your own business. Work with your field support team to develop a reliable sales process for converting leads.

Have discussions with your management team about operational processes and procedures to guarantee efficient operations. Last but not least, create a comprehensive training plan for all positions in the organization, including potential Office Managers and technicians, so everyone receives the SUPPORT they need. With these steps taken care of, you can set yourself up for success! 

Having a structured training plan in place can save businesses significant amounts of money in recruitment and onboarding costs. This is because new employees already have an established pathway for learning the skills needed to be successful within the organization, reducing the need for additional training specific to each individual. 



With the finish line in sight, your REFRESH company is ready to prepare for your first job. In the weeks leading up to the opening, we will focus on perfecting customer service processes and training our staff to ensure they are fully equipped to handle their daily tasks. Our goal is to provide a reliable support system for our Franchisee while also equipping them with the necessary skillset required to manage any situation that may arise – from damage to upset property managers – and ensuring we are able to turn a negative experience into a positive one. At REFRESH, we strive to make sure that everyone is given the right tools so that when all eyes are on us, we can proudly show off what your company has achieved! 

We want to make sure REFRESH is seen in the best light possible, and that starts with our Franchisees. Our team will be working hard to ensure you have the resources and training necessary to operate with confidence. REFRESH will do everything it can to provide a reliable support system for its Franchisee so that when the time comes for you to open your doors, we can proudly show off what you have accomplished!

team work


Upon signing the franchise agreement, a REFRESH® field training & development specialist will guide you through every step of opening your franchise. The specialist’s objective is to help you develop and foster an organizational culture that aligns with our core values, as well as equip you with the necessary tools to run a successful business. This includes performing services, managing staff, and providing effective training for employees. With their expertise, launching and operating your franchise will be efficient and hassle-free. 

This relationship between you and the specialist sets the stage for a prosperous future together – one where your business grows exponentially while staying true to our shared vision of success. Let us help you build a strong foundation so that your business can thrive beyond expectations!

Our Team members at the Akron Support Center and our field support team are your main points of contact to help you navigate the complexities as you learn about starting your own business and will use our own REFRESH OPERATING SYSTEM (ROS), and REFRESH UNIVERSITY to get you there. The field training and franchise development teams will schedule calls where both teams discuss your goals and the timeline for opening your franchise. 

Throughout this process, the specialists will provide invaluable advice through weekly calls while helping you complete all of the necessary tasks to get your business up and running all the way up to launch day! 

Let us help you create success, one step at a time! Our team is ready to assist you – contact us today!


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