Once you have made the decision to join the REFRESH® family, your next step is to create a comprehensive business plan. This document will serve as a roadmap for how you will operate and grow your franchise over time. Our experienced development team is here to help guide you through every part of creating your business plan. We will make sure all the important details are included, such as marketing plans, sales growth strategies, personnel needs and management structures, customer service policies, and risk management plans. 

We want to ensure that every REFRESH® franchise has the best chance at success from its very first day in operation. With our assistance throughout the entire process of writing a business plan, we can help you create a plan that will set your location up for success. 

Essential Elements to Your Plan

Writing a business plan for your REFRESH® franchise is essential to ensure the success of your venture. It will allow you to identify key components such as competitor analysis in your area and the overall vision for your business, as well as financial planning. The business plan will also help our team assess your strengths and weaknesses before you open the doors. Below are some essential elements in any plan.


Having a successful marketing plan is essential for any business to grow. An effective marketing strategy will ensure your brand awareness in the market, enabling you to have sustained success. A well-executed marketing plan should be tailored to your particular target audience and industry, as this will ensure that it is as effective as possible. By ensuring that your business is seen, heard, and remembered in the right places, you can ensure that it has a positive impact on its growth.


After developing your five-year plan, you’ll need to implement the strategies that will help you achieve the desired level of success. This will require you to identify the most effective ways to increase sales, generate additional revenue streams, and expand your business. You’ll also need to consider how to best allocate resources, such as budget and personnel, to support these efforts. With careful planning and execution and the support of the REFRESH Field Support Team, you can put your plan into action and realize your business goals.


Team selection is the most important element of setting up a successful REFRESH® location. When hiring, look for experienced professionals with a passion for customer service and a commitment to excellence. The right team members will help you take your REFRESH® location to the next level. During the recruitment process, focus on finding people who can work together as a team and deliver an exceptional customer experience. With the right team in place, you can be sure that your REFRESH® location will become an essential part of the local community. 


Fulfilling the operations plan is an essential step in establishing your franchise and creating a successful business. It requires careful consideration of the resources needed to complete the plan. This includes determining who will manage your teams, what type of training you’ll provide, and if necessary, acquiring trucks for your business operations. REFRESH is an invaluable tool in helping you make these decisions and crafting a plan that reflects how the franchise will be run.


Location is an integral factor in setting up a successful business. When it comes to making the right decision, you must consider the type of office space you rent or purchase. Is it suitable for your franchise set-up? Are there any necessary renovations to be made? 

At REFRESH, we understand how important it is to have the right office space that caters to your brand-specific needs. We offer you a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you customize your current location and bring it up to the standards necessary for success. With our expertise, you can rest assured that all your requirements are met. 


Creating financial goals allows you to measure your progress and stay on track with your business plan. Short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals should be set to ensure you’re making incremental progress toward your desired outcome. It is essential to review and revise these goals regularly as your business evolves and you encounter new developments. Doing so will allow you to adjust your plan accordingly to ensure progress and success. Setting financial goals is an important step in ensuring the success of your business.   


The work that has gone into preparing this FIVE-YEAR business plan outline is a critical component of paving the way to success for your new REFRESH® franchise. It will provide you with the invaluable insight and information needed to make well-informed decisions when negotiating with the franchise development and executive teams at our Akron Support Center. Your plan is a mark of your enthusiasm and commitment to the success of this endeavor, one that will guide you along the path of success for the next five years. Don’t waste any time; start your journey to success today!


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