At REFRESH®, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and that starts with the quality of our Franchise Development and Field Training teams who will help set you up for success. Not only do they bring years of experience in the industry, but also a wealth of knowledge from their time spent franchising and operating property management companies both within our brand and outside. No matter what stage you’re at on your journey, these team members are available to offer tailored advice, guidance, training, and support – all designed with you in mind! With their insight and expertise behind you every step of the way, you can be sure your franchise will be fully equipped to make customer satisfaction a reality. 

We strive to ensure you have the best customer experience when it comes to opening and operating a REFRESH® franchise, and our Franchise Development and Field Training teams are the driving force behind it. With them on your side, customer satisfaction is just around the corner! 



At our core, we care deeply about customer satisfaction because it means success for you! We strive to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality service while developing the potential of our people and committing to bettering our communities. With each customer interaction, we use this passion as a guiding force for providing an exceptional customer experience. We also work hard to make sure our Franchisees feel valued and appreciated. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering and we will continue striving to exceed expectations every step of the way. 



At REFRESH®, we strive to empower our franchisees with the necessary skills and tools so they can provide quick and accurate service with a warm smile. With our ongoing support, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are backed up in tough times, allowing you to create long-term business success. Ultimately, we want everyone to benefit from your services: customers and franchisees alike!

We believe in a future where everyone has access to the same resources and opportunities. That’s why we developed our franchise system – so that all of our partners benefit from being part of a larger, experienced organization.



At REFRESH, we understand that delivering on commitments is integral to fostering customer loyalty and creating a positive experience for our franchisees. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our business and have placed customer service at the core of what we do – ensuring that each customer has an impeccable experience with us.  We take great pride in exceeding expectations and building strong relationships with our customers and franchisees, knowing that it contributes to their long-term success. Our commitment to quality is a cornerstone of our mission, and something we strive towards every day. 



At REFRESH, we understand that doing the right thing is more than just a slogan; it’s an essential part of who we are and how we operate. We make sure that our franchisees follow best practices, always put their customers first, and adhere to ethical standards in order to uphold the trust between us and our customers. This commitment is integral to maintaining healthy relationships with stakeholders both within and outside of our organization. We believe this dedication will ensure success for all involved, now and in the future.


The Franchise Development Team at REFRESH® is here to ensure that the franchising process goes as smoothly as possible for business owners. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with franchisees, providing guidance and support throughout the entire journey; from researching the opportunity to become a successful franchisee. We understand that this can be an exciting yet daunting prospect, which is why we are passionate about helping you every step of the way.

Adam Ferracane - Founder of Refresh


Founder & Managing Partner

Adam Ferracane is the founder and managing partner of Refresh. He has a wealth of experience in business development, franchisee relations, and customer service.

With his knowledge and expertise in business development, Adam has been instrumental in growing Refresh into one of the most successful businesses in its field. His commitment to providing outstanding customer service ensures that all customers have a positive experience when dealing with Refresh. 

Whether it’s helping customers find the right franchise opportunity or working with existing franchisees to develop their businesses, Adam is an integral part of Refresh’s success story. He continues to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team – helping them deliver outstanding results for all their customers. 

“When it comes to our franchisees, transparency is essential. We want to make sure that both parties – us and the potential franchisee – are a good fit for each other. That’s why we actively encourage interested prospects to ask questions and take advantage of all the information available. 



Franchise Development Specialist

Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to REFRESH®, having been immersed in the business world since his time as a Property Manager for over 10 years. His insights into what franchisees look for and what customers need from businesses have proven valuable in his current role as Lead Sales Representative. Matt’s primary focus is helping potential franchisees understand their options and guiding them to success. He takes pride in ensuring that each candidate understands the complete process, including all the details and opportunities of investing in a REFRESH franchise. With Matt’s expertise, prospective owners can rest assured that they are making an informed decision about their business venture. His enthusiasm for providing great customer service, combined with his passion for helping others succeed, make him an invaluable asset to REFRESH®. 

“I take great pride in our comprehensive and hands-on approach to franchising. Our team guides our potential franchisees through each step of the process, offering personalized support along the way. From helping them understand our core values to walking them through everything that franchising with REFRESH® entails. We believe that no one should be left behind and strive to provide the necessary resources and guidance so that everyone feels confident and ready to embark on their journey with us!” 


The REFRESH® Training and Field Support Team is your go-to team for business success. After you open your first location, the experts will customize a comprehensive training plan based on your individual needs to ensure that your operation runs smoothly, safely, and with maximum efficiency. Franchisees can rely on REFRESH®’s experienced professionals to equip them with the skills necessary to impress customers from day one.

Through our tailored training plans, we provide franchisees with the knowledge they need to kickstart their business properly. Our team offers guidance through each step of the process so that your enterprise quickly becomes viable and operational.



Field Training & Development Manager

Cory’s experience in REFRESH® has been vast and far-reaching, giving him a unique perspective on what it takes to get new business owners on the right track. He truly embodies our core values of working hard to move forward– having started as a tech himself when he first joined us in 2019, then transitioning into an Operations Manager role, and finally his current Training Coordinator position, Cory knows how to help you succeed. His enthusiasm for helping others succeed is infectious and his diverse set of skills makes him an indispensable member of the REFRESH® team. With Cory at your side, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best start possible with your new franchise! 

“As a REFRESH® franchise owner, you will be presented with unique challenges. From marketing and sales to daily operations, it can be hard to stay ahead of the curve, but we are dedicated to giving you the training you need to succeed. We know what it takes to make a franchise thrive and we want to use our experience to set you up for success.” 

Jerry Kleinman COO of Refresh


COO & Field Training Manager

Jerry is a valuable addition to our team at REFRESH®, bringing his experience with the company and in the property management industry. In addition to being the COO of our Northeast Ohio Operations, he has been appointed as a member of our Field Training team, where he is tasked with mentoring new franchise teams during the process of transitioning from business plan to functioning operation. With Jerry’s help, we can ensure that our franchises are up and running successfully, all while upholding the brand’s commitment to consistent quality. His knowledge and expertise make him an invaluable asset for any franchise that wishes to succeed under the REFRESH® banner!

Jerry has a wealth of knowledge to offer, having spent several years as the Director of Operations for a large property management company. His vast experience in this field and with REFRESH® makes him an invaluable asset to our Field Training team.

“When it comes to me working with new franchises, they can expect a high level of enthusiasm, communication, hard work, and dedication each time they speak with me and the team. I want to support the franchises in becoming the best they can be each and every day, and that’s my number one goal when communicating with them.”


The REFRESH® Marketing Team is here to help you every step of the way, from day one. Our team of experienced marketers will take the time to understand your business and guide you in the creation of your local marketing plan. We’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring that all aspects of your marketing strategy are in line with your goals. 

We also offer national advertising services which can help promote brand awareness and get you noticed by potential customers. Through our network of connections, we help develop partnerships with larger companies that could contribute significantly to ongoing revenue for your business. 

Rachel Bates Director of Marketing for Refresh Franchising


Marketing & Public Relations Director

Rachel is an invaluable resource for REFRESH and its Franchisees. With 15+ years of marketing experience, she provides both creativity and analytical expertise. Rachel will be your go-to contact with any questions or support related to the marketing side of your business. 

The work that Rachel does behind the scenes is integral to the success of our brand. She builds lists, analyses analytics data, creates campaigns for social media, edits photos, and videos, researches client prospects, searches databases and makes agency contacts – all these tasks keep REFRESH moving forward. We are thankful for her dedication and skill!

We are confident that Rachel’s expertise will be a great asset to your business and look forward to seeing all of the success that you have with her guidance.

“One of the coolest aspects of my job is that I get to analyze numbers and data and interpret them into changes we can make for real-world results. When you combine that with the creative aspect of my job, that’s when you get to see success.”


Our REFRESH® Sales & Administrative Team is built of experienced professionals who will provide customized solutions to ensure the successful launch and operations of your business. We know that opening a new location can be overwhelming, but with our team by your side, you can rest assured knowing that your organization is in great hands. Our sales and administrative plans will help you optimize efficiency and safety while keeping your unique needs in mind. 

abdul allelew


Sales Support Specialist

Abdul is a valuable asset at REFRESH. He joined us in 2021, bringing his knowledge and expertise in real estate as a certified apartment manager. His experience has been instrumental in our success with Inc. 5000 lists, and we are thrilled to have him onboard! 

Abdul has over 10 years of experience in sales and training. During his time at REFRESH, he was exposed to high-pressure environments with the opportunity to both learn from and train exceptional individuals. Abdul’s diverse professional background includes property management, real estate, sales and coaching highly successful professionals. His unique combination of experiences led him to discover his true calling as a coach for ambitious professionals who want to reach their highest potential. Abdul is here to help you develop your natural talents and equip you with the resources needed for success. With his practical guidance and experienced advice, you will be able to take charge of your REFRESH business now – and in the future.

“I find that connecting with customers and showing them you care by solving problems for them is the best way to achieve sales organically. People buy products and services from people they trust, so it’s important to be impeccable with your words.”


Administrative Support Specialist

Stephanie has been a valuable member of the REFRESH® team since 2019, providing sales support and acting as our local administrator and billing specialist. She is experienced in helping franchisees’ office staff with customer inquiries initiated through our National Accounts program. Stephanie is an invaluable resource to franchisees’ administrators, making sure that all the details are taken care of acting as the go-between for Franchisees’ office staff and customers brought in by our National Accounts program. Her expertise allows us to provide the highest level of service to our customers. It’s no wonder why she is such an important part of our team!

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion. I think Adam has done that with REFRESH and I am excited to share that with our Franchisees.”


Our team works with you every step of the way to develop an effective sales strategy that meets your goals and objectives. We'll provide the expertise and guidance necessary for success, ensuring each job is won and customers remain satisfied with results. Our track record speaks for itself – let us show you how we can make a difference in your business! Get ready for success today – partner with REFRESH® now and start enjoying the rewards of a successful sales strategy. With our help, you're guaranteed to reach your goals faster than ever before.


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Our Akron Support Center team is here to provide you with the billing support, scheduling, and customer service that your franchise needs. Our specialists are experienced professionals and have extensive knowledge of national accounts and other franchisees to help keep your business running smoothly. Not only will they take care of any problems that may arise - they’ll also be able to offer valuable advice on how to optimize your franchise for success. You can trust that all aspects of your business are being taken care of so that you can focus on what matters most: growing your franchise!


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