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The franchising industry in the United States traditionally experiences annual sales around $750 billion. According to the International Franchise Association (IFA) close to 760,000 franchise locations employ nearly 8.3 million workers.

Recent research points towards prospective business owners being attracted to franchises for several crucial reasons such as brand recognition, consistency of service, and proven operating systems while providing a sense of security.

Franchising involves the sale by a business operator (the franchisor) to an individual or group (the franchisee) of the right to offer, sell, or distribute goods or services under the franchisor’s name, service mark or trademark. Marketing and related operations conducted by the franchisee in dealing with those goods or services are stipulated, wholly or in part, by the franchisor.

Refresh believes that it is best to attract franchisees that meet the following criteria:

  • Organized, self-motivated, detail oriented and friendly
  • Team building and excellent selling skills
  • A willingness to roll up their sleeves and help their team when necessary
  • Management or sales experience in a trade business is a plus, although all professional experience will be considered

Targeted Refresh candidates are individuals with pleasant personalities that are motivated to work hard performing refinishing, carpet cleaning, janitorial, or painting type tasks with the ability to teach others these skills and qualities within their own businesses.

The Refresh franchise model is unique in multiple ways but most notably, it is one of the only models to use a TEAM process like ours. Our franchise owners, with different service offerings, work together to service both  large and small property management companies as a unified front. This offers enormous networking and support benefits to our owners.

Yes, each service gets an exclusive territory for that service offering. For example, a refinishing franchise will own the exclusive rights to service that territory for refinishing, but a janitorial franchise may work in that territory also.

This varies based on the type of franchise you select, costs in your area, and a number of other factors. Contact us for more information and some calculation methods to use in your estimation process.

The Refresh franchise fee is $40,000 with discounts available for additional territory, additional services or the conversion of an existing like business.   As with all U.S. franchise offerings, the details are outlined in our UFDD circular for qualified applicants.

Not directly but Refresh is registered with the SBA to help streamline any SBA financing you may need.

Our initial training is performed in two phases. The first is ten days at our Headquarters in Akron, Ohio and the second phase is five days during the grand opening of your new business at your location. We also offer ongoing training remotely and an annual refresher course once a year.

Refresh really shines in this area! In addition to the usual ongoing support most service franchises offer, we include centralized billing, collections, business development, special project support, and local networking with other franchisees.

Please view the bottom of our Franchise Inquiry Page for a map outlining available territories.

Office space requirements vary based on the service selected but all offerings require at least minimal office space to store supplies, meet with staff and host training.

Refresh Franchising orchestrates a national marketing effort to benefit the entire brand. We also provide a detailed unit level plan for all franchisees to use within their individual territory.

Proper equipment and materials are critical to operational success. Refresh has a growing number of proprietary  products and all necessary equipment will be purchased through our approved independent dealers and distributors based on specifications we provide. This is necessary to maintain the uniformity and quality of the franchised product and services.

Unfortunately, federal and state laws prevent us from suggesting how much money you can earn from operating a Refresh franchise. The amount of money you may make will depend on many factors, including the location, traffic flow, local marketing and advertising, the cost of your investment and other factors. We do publish a Financial Performance Representation in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This Financial Performance Representation contains certain historical gross sales information for existing Refresh businesses. Upon receiving our FDD, please review it for complete information regarding this Financial Performance Representation.

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